From left to right. Top: Sportsgirl, Shorts: H&M, Skirt and Denim Top: Forever New
The number one highlight of the week for a shopaholic is pay day. With my shopping funds running low from balancing my real life shopping addiction to my online one, come Wednesday pay day I took it upon myself to add a few new addictions to the wardrobe.
Texture, print and pattern seem to be a regular occurrence in my collection. With the weather starting to warm up, I felt I needed to bring in some light wash denim. With studs being one of my favourites at the moment, you can’t go wrong with a little detail on the collar either. Another favourite on the scene is digital mirroring prints- so when I saw this skirt on the new arrival list at Forever New (which comes in an amazing dress too) I couldn’t help myself. Hopefully now with Spring in the air, I can start to wear a few more of my Summer purchases from Europe, like my H&M panther printed high waisted shorts, but with a bit of chill still looming, pairing it with my long sleeved sequin top from Sportsgirl adds just enough warmth. As well as being an incredibly crafted top and full of sparkle, you can flip it around and voilà! It doubles as a jacket. Who could say no to that?
Happy Friday!

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tee&fame said...

That forever new skirt is INCRED love the print!!!!
I used to work there and nothing that amazing ever came in :( it was all white and pastel and girly...

Payday = best day that's for sure. Too bad I only get paid every fortnight...

x Stace