A few of my favourites, a mixture of new and old, but some good ones none the less!

All accessories from Forever New (clearly have a small obsession!) with the exception of Lovisa earrings. Collage pictures from Sportsgirl newspapers.


S + T said...

Oh I really want a cute bucket hat! (or is it cloche? ill never know)
I wonder if that one is a recent purchase? Although I did see some similar in Shop (mag) recently so I'll have to go and have a look around :)

Love the tribal/geometric earrings :)

xx S


Britney Lee said...

I have a hat obsession, its so cute! Its new season stock from forever new, comes in navy aswell, but theres some cool ones in sportsgirl and witchery at the minute too, more wide brimmed though, go have a look :) x

Oracle Fox said...

I love this Post. The earrings & the collar are wicked! I think i'll have to go shopping! HaHaHa xx Mandy