I have been so MIA lately with work, music festivals and running around in the summer heat, that it has well and truely made me realise how much I want Winter. Coats and jackets and scarves with beanies and gloves and boots and socks... I could go on forever. With Perth still in the middle of a gigantic heat wave, I can only dream for the cold snap to hit. Working in fashion makes it about 10 times worse considering we are in the middle of all the Winter stock, with new arrivals hitting stores every hour of every day...

This Winter I've decided my new obsession is fur. It reminds me of what I wish we had in an Australian Winter- snow. As much as I love curling up with a hot chocolate, blankets and listening to rain on the roof as I fall asleep, I still wish I could open my windows in the morning to a crisp scene of pure white... Anyway, a girl can dream.. If I want any kind of Winter Wonderland I'm just going to have to save up for a white christmas somewhere on the otherside of the world, hopefully in the near future. For the mean time, here are a few bits and pieces I've scouted out for, while not so patiently waiting for the chilly season.

Dear Winter, please come soon... and preferable create a miracle and bring some snow. Yours sincerely, Britney xoxo

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