With March being the wedding season, the past couple of weeks at work I've had numerous customers looking for the perfect dress to wear to a wedding. Its a tough call. How bright is too bright? Are prints acceptable? Am I allowed to wear white or black? How short is too short? The questions are endless, and I'm not actually sure that I have the answer to any of them. I have a wedding coming up at the end of the month, and seeing the stress that people go through trying to find the best outfit, I'm actually dredding it!

I've noticed a lot of people coming in and proving the point that there actually isnt a lot out there, especially coming into the Winter season. So seeing as I myself will soon become the customer, I thought I should start the hunt too. With these options, you'll soon be able to see yourself asking the same questions about each of the outfits I've been browsing through...

Too short? Too casual? Too white? Too 'party'?

Too lacy? Too modern? Too black?

Too light? Too bold? Too simple? Too bright?

As you can see, it's a hard decision. Another thing that plays on my mind is that a lot of brides now choose to buy their bridesmaids dresses from stores like Myer, David Jones and Forever New to list a few. The problem with that being, can you imagine turning up to a wedding in the same dress as a bridesmaid? The same clutch and accessories as the bride herself? And I bet it happens a lot...

So what is wedding acceptable? I think this one is left up to your own interpretation, after all, we are there to awe over the bride and groom. Next mission: hunt for the perfect dress, I'll keep you posted!

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