Revlon Nailpolish, D&G lipstick, Lipstick clutch, Portmans necklace, Pigeonhole Ring, Vintage Cardigan

Monday, the first working day of the week. I am a severe sufferer of what they call Mondayitis. My only true cure for this is coffee, it works wonders, and fast. Luckily for me today I didnt start work until 11, but unluckily for me I had to drop my car off to the mechanics this morning accompanied with a 6am wake up. Bonus is that I had a short time to shoot a few pictures of my latest obsessions.

Pastels; its been the talk of the town lately with gorgeous soft palettes making a comeback. So I decided instead of my usual dark polish, I opted for Revlons scented nailpolish colour Gum Drop, which is literally scented like bubblegum, yum! Finished with their QuickDry top coat, which is honestly magic- it dries in minutes, makes it easy to switch colours on the go. Paired with my light candy pink D&G lipstick and I'm set for the day. The sea breeze this morning made it cooler, so I took full advantage and swapped my summer tops for my $5 vintage cardigan I snapped up in a market in Melbourne. It's super oversized, but together with some leather look leggings in Winter and a pair of heels would still give you enough shape to pull off an edgy yet not over-done look.

I also had enough time to sneek in a bit of the SAG awards red carpet preview. Some amazing dresses and flawless celebrities! My favourite looks of the night are coming soon..

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