Top: Top Shop, Bracelet and jeans: Forever New, Necklace: Pigeonhole, Wedges: Diavolina, Earrings: Lovisa, Sunglasses: Portmans

Went to Camberwell markets today- one of my favourites markets in Melbourne. It's the first day of my trip that it was actual blue sky and slightly warmer weather- so I put on my new white Top Shop scalloped tank (I also got it in purple... told you I went nuts there!), jeans, my most comfiest wedges and went on an adventure into the vintage world. It's not just the clothes and the amazing jewellery I love to dig through, but seeing all the old furniture, magazines, newspapers and quirky things you find puts a smile on my face. They all have a history. Each item has a story behind it. I love that feeling about markets. I am absolutely devistated that I missed out on an amazing tan leather clutch though. Kicking myself not to pay the extra 20 bucks over my budget! Sometimes if you love it, just get it.

So if your over here on holiday and have a half a day to drive into the suburbs, I highly recomend this place.There's somebodys trash waiting for you to turn it into treasure.

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